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IDEA: Our Unique NFT Project Has a Multitude Of Areas. One Of These Is The Placement Of a Certain Number Of TCCC NFTs To The MetaVerse In a Virtual Museum That We Create On a Digital Platform. For The Lucky Few, Each Holder Receives a Percentage Of The Tickets Sold. Not Only That But Much More Will Come. With TCCC We Would Like To Implement Our Footprint In The MetaVerse….

The Cyber Culture club

Be Part Of The Digital Revolution And Secure A Place On The MetaVerse With This Unique NFT Project......


  • PHASE 1

    Our NFT consists of more then 10,000 hand-painted images in which different figures with traditional clothes of respective culture are shown. The rewards for this genesis NFT holders will grow trough co-ownership of the "The Cyber Culture Club" Marketplace.

    Two (2) community projects will begin building the community-owned NFT Marketplace. The Cyber Culture Club will start to prepare staking and Tokenomics to be implemented on our Marketplace.

  • PHASE 2

     The Marketplace will feature fantastic, new, innovative, and unique NFT artists. Because The Cyber Culture Club Marketplace is co-owned by our community, holders will have a genuine stake in growing, supporting, and building The Cyber Culture Club performance and reputation together.

  • PHASE 3

    Another first of its kind, the 2nd community NFT project will begin. The Cyber Culture Club 2nd community project will bring innovation to the NFT world.


    We will start plans for integration into the metaverse with a digital library and Museum, where we will introduce so many new and innovative on-of-a-kind images and pictures from our Community to the Public.

  • PHASE 4

    The Cyber Culture Club NFT project launch will feature a live drop event to celebrate TCCC grand opening into the Metaverse with the community co-owned Digital Library, Museum and much more.


    TCCC will  begin plans to expand the production of the team to an open-to-the-public architecture for NFT services. Goals for the 2023  community projects start, as well as another innovative NFT collection minting by TCCC

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What exactly is NFT art?


An NFT is a digital asset based entirely on the digital universe—it cannot be touched, yet it may be owned. An NFT may be any digital material, including artwork, articles, music, and memes like „Disaster Girl,“ the original picture of which sold for $500k earlier this year.


Are NFTs easy to use?


Digital assets are identical to in-app purchases of things in video games. The main distinction for NFTs is their uniqueness and ability to be quickly transferred to a new owner due to blockchain technology. Each NFT issued is a verifiable one-of-a-kind asset worth as much as someone is prepared to pay for it.


Is it possible to get wealthy with NFT?


It is not just for creators to sell NFTs. Some enterprises use NFTs like stocks to profit by purchasing and selling them.


Why are NFTs so valuable?


NFTs are useful because they authorize a non-fungible item. As a result, these assets are one-of-a-kind. While anybody may manufacture replicas of his paintings, the original is priceless and one-of-a-kind. NFTs make digital content irreplaceable and hence valuable.


How are NFTs minted, and can you make your own?


Yes, anyone who can create NFTs. If you want to sell your NFT online, you may select various NFT platforms. OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, and Foundation are among the most well-known.


Is it possible to sell NFT without minting?


The new OpenSea collection manager enables creators to create NFTs with no upfront gas cost since the NFT is not sent on-chain until the first purchase or transfer is made.


What does the term „whitelist“ in NFT mean?


In the NFT universe, whitelisting often implies that a crypto wallet address (i.e., a public ETH address) has been pre-approved for the minting of NFTs on specific dates/times (usually a date/time range).



In the future, what can NFTs be utilized for?


NFTs are also used to acquire digital land in virtual worlds and next-generation music ownership, licensing, and publication. Some experts predict that NFTs may provide access to special deals or limited-edition items in the future.



What are NFTs suitable for?


NFTs are becoming more popular and have various applications because of their anti-corruption, assurance of authenticity and ownership, and non-fungibility.



  • Memorabilia & Collectibles: NFTs and off-chain data are primarily employed in the arts, entertainment, and creative sectors. Athletic organizations, teams, leagues, and athletes are using them to sell digital player photographs, digital memorabilia, and films of iconic sporting events, among other things. The NBA’s Top Shots marketplace, which has produced over $700 million in sales, and Sorare, an NFT fantasy football game with license deals with various football federations, teams, and high-profile players, are examples of success stories. By enabling ‚trading‘ and resales, these marketplaces and their partners may continue to earn from fees and royalties over time while still maintaining some amount of control.
  • Tickets: NFTs have been employed for smart keys (more than just digitalized tickets). Real Madrid uses NFT smart tickets to provide specific prizes to fans who attend or watch matches. Kings of Leon issued an NFT edition of their record that included ‚golden tickets‘ for guaranteed front row VIP seats to one of their gigs.
  • Video Games: Some developers have employed NFTs and blockchain technology to create video games, primarily based on collect-and-trade markets. Axie Infinity is an NFT-based video game in which players purchase and trade cartoon monster NFTs, each with distinct qualities and ‚powers‘; these NFT monsters are then utilized in combat with other players. Axie Infinity’s current equity value is $3 billion, while its fully diluted worth is $30 billion. Emojibles is a video game where users purchase, trade, and ‚fight‘ Emoji NFTs. These games stimulate player competitiveness by establishing a hierarchy of NFTs with commensurate scarcity, supporting an active sale and resale market.
  • Digitized Metadata: Several artists (including Grimes and Steve Aoki) have utilized NFTs to distribute music videos or tracks that were previously unavailable on other platforms. NFT collections have also been ‚dropped‘ by Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol. Many artists have said that adopting NFTs has been particularly cost-effective due to eliminating the need for intermediaries. Furthermore, artists have begun to employ NFTs to benefit from more significant royalties from resales (following well-publicized complaints of low royalties from streaming platforms). Many movies and TV series are also slated for distribution as NFTs. In addition, the first tweet on Twitter was transformed into an NFT.
  • Contract Verification: Because NFTs are built using smart contracts (many of which employ Ethereum standards), the code may incorporate connections to documents (such as other contracts or deeds), demand confirmation of identification, and certify document validity (which is crucial where counterparties are used). This may help to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a property deal.

How Metaverse and NFTs are relatable?


The primary link between the Metaverse and NFTs is digital assets and value. People can present digital forms of art and property in the Metaverse, and NFTs will enable them to price that stuff with evidence of ownership. While NFTs employ the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, they are not a sort of money in their own right. Several NFT markets can purchase and sell NFTs, swiftly becoming a phenomenon sweeping various sectors. The topic is much too complicated to discuss in a single article, but this provides a fundamental understanding of NFTs and how they function.




Is NFTs are the best metaverse currency?


Now that I’ve discussed NFTs, it’s critical to realize that NFTs are incredibly likely to become the best money for the Metaverse. They will let users prove ownership of various items in the Metaverse. Consider a deed to a property that only exists in a virtual environment. The NFTs would serve as the deed. NFTs may also be ideal entry points for special events and perks that individuals experience inside the Metaverse. The possibilities and uses seem limitless, which is what makes the concept so appealing.



What exactly is the Metaverse?


A metaverse is a 3D virtual environment focusing on social interaction. It is often portrayed in futuristic and science fiction as a potential iteration of the Internet as a single, worldwide virtual environment aided by virtual and augmented reality headgear.






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